I was born in 1980 in Barcelona. I studied Industrial Design, Art History and Sociology in a self-designed degree.
My passion for mixing the social and the artistic tooked me in 2008 to create Goma, a brand for upcycled fashion accessories.
Since 2015 I have been educating myself on different energy psychology methods & spiritual teachings like Theta Healing®, Psych-k®, Joe Dispenza and Eckhart Tolle's teachings.
I have been a regular yoga practitioner since 2010 & a regular meditation practitioner since 2017.

Empathy, warmness, courage & empowerment is what you can expect from me.

MIND-TUNE is the result of a personal journey of awakening. Like many of us, after a very painful life experience and thanks to the magical one that followed, I started re-thinking and re-understanding myself. To do so, I went down different paths, each of which gave me what I had needed at that moment. At one point around 3 years ago, I understood that part of the change I needed to make, included turning myself into a channel for other people’s change. It was then when I started to educate myself on different energy psychology techniques and other supportive methods to accompany the evolution process of a person.

I have stuck with Psych-k® for being the most user-friendly method, with fast results. Open enough to leave space to add other methods to accompany it, probably due to the humbling attitude of it’s creator Rob Williams. His not-at-all guru behavior was one of the strong points for me to stay with it.

With I aim to help people in their awakening process and the tuning in process of being aligned with themselves and therefore free of stress and suffering.