“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't you're right.”―Henry Ford

Number of sessions

Every person is different, so the number of sessions varies from case to case. Some people feel immediate change, while others experience it in the following hours, days or weeks.

Some issues may be solved in one session while others may need additional ones. In either case, it is recommended to give a time span of 1-3 weeks in between each session to be able to experience the changes.

* Try to take note of any change (physical or emotional) that you may experience after the session because it can also affect other areas of your life.

Psych-k® and Skype

The reason why Psych-k® and many other energy methods work at a distance is based on the principle that we are ONE.  This concept allows us to use a technique called Surrogation, in which I will use my physical being to collaborate with another consciousness that is not physically present.

My online sessions feel as good as the live ones, you will see me clearly and in a beautiful environment which will make you feel comfortable and save.

Duration & Prices

Sessions can go from 75 min to 120min (2h). If the person has a very clear idea of what needs to be address 75 min can be enough. If someone wants to work on different topics a session of 2h it’s recommended.

Investment in yourself:

  • for 75 min: 100 euros

  • for 90 min: 120 euros

  • for 120 min: 150 euros


Sessions can be given in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and German