“I tried many therapies in my life which disappoint me either for being too long or too expensive and at the same time not offering many results. It all changed when Psych-k® came into my way. The change was immediate, I felt my own power flourishing and got the ability to change and evolve at my own pace.
Thanks to this method I feel strong and able to change anything I want. It has given me the tools to face any situation with ease and serenity and the ability to learn from them.
Ainhoa is a very intuitive person and knows how to guide you. She understands your needs and offers you the right actions to implement in your life to reinforce the changes.

I had a difficult life and thanks to Mind-tune I can balance my comes and goes with courage and temperance” - Clara, Barcelona.

"Coming from a classical music background, it is important to have a sense of self-reflection and criticism to work on one's art. But, there a point when the self criticism becomes overcritical, and I reached such a point in Spring of 2018. 
I was very unhappy with my work and was afraid I could never reach any of my goals, even though my personal and family life was very positive. Ainhoa, with her Psych K Mind Tuning, gave me the opportunity to allow myself to have patience and trust, without the self-criticism in the way. 
It is a constant work in progress finding the balance, but it has greatly helped me to have that initial clearing of the mind with Ainhoa's guidance. I hope to be back soon!"- Ashia, Berlin.

“I was not going through an easy period when I met Ainhoa. She helped me face difficulties and move through pain, and instead of holding it, transform it and release it. Today I still keep doing sessions with her, even if I feel way more satisfied than back then. Knowledge is a long-life process , and it is beautiful to have people that support us by teaching how to handle emotional life. Gracias Ainhoa!”- Malu, Berlin.

“I had a very positive experience with Psych-k®. Some years ago I did a Gestalt therapie, which was also an interesting way to increase the consciousness in my life, but with Ainhoa I discovered a new way of working on beliefs and truths that either were on my way to achieve my projects, or were destabilizing or blocking me. Ainhoa creates a very familiar and respectful environment to follows ones intuition, define what has to be address and to find the way to transform it”- Gal.la, Berlin.

“My session was the beginning of a self awareness process in which I got immediate results. The learning process continues though.

I’m very thankful to Ainhoa for being an excellent guide and a listener”-Johanna, Heidelberg.

“Beautiful technique with effective and immediate results. I came in and went out transformed! Thank you Ainhoa for your professionalism and creativity!”- Eugenia, Berlin